Thursday, August 7, 2014

First Post for class: Snapshot

This is a great class!
I have found many items I found useful today, from the class:
I knew of this tool but having it brought to my mind again, I can see various uses, immediately!
-Snapshots of work completed, especially when there is a time limit or a restriction of some other sort. Having students take a photo of their work (even in screenshots), helps them to own up to their work.
-Snapshots of group projects: I like the idea of having groups share their work and post to me, their parents. What a great way to document their work. I can see this being used for multi-step processes, multi-days worth of work...beg, middle, end items, multi step processes...
-I can see this being used for Plants science experiments: snapshooting observations of a plant experiment, then embedding it into a science recording sheet!
-Math problems: How-to or what-I-think about...These could easily be used to share/show thinking. Visual problem-solving would be great to show!
-I can see this also used in Social St.: Worldy , timely travelers my 5th graders will be!.

I will now go back to this app again, with my students blogging in guided reading/small group novels.
I want to blog with other schools!

Google site:
I am going to look at the other sites fellow members have made. I want to borrow their ideas!
Substitute folder on my Google site!
So many things to do, I need time BUT these items are definitely worth it!

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  1. Love some of the ideas you have for snapshots.. Science experiments....
    Excited to have you be a part of this cohort!