Saturday, September 20, 2014

Writer Tools of the Trade September 20

September 20, 2014

It seems to me with even the marvelous tools we have at our disposal today, it seems some of my students still "don't get it".
Revision for content
-I show my kids famous author's texts which they indent or start a new paragraph.
-We discuss specific techniques, such as the repetition of words, emphasizing a particular point in the story.
- Use of senses to create images
-Use of dialogue
-Dragging/extending a scene to draw the reader in.

There are so many more, WONDERFUL writerly techniques I can share, and do, to help improve their writing.

We conference and discuss these techniques.
They are eager.
They love the sound of it...
They want to add it in/try it...

The moment of truth comes...
some DO
some DON'T
Some are far off topic that I can't understand HOW they wrote what they did...even with specific lessons.

I am wondering how I can use technology as a tool to REALLY ignite the passion in my writers, to use them to assist /support their creativity, to produce wonderful pieces worthy of expert publishing.

I know, I know,...
passion and an internal flame is needed from within, to spark the desire.
But, if this doesn't exist, at least for this moment in my Personal Narrative instruction,
does anyone think or know of other apps or online tools that might help fan a tiny spark in some of my students?

I am writerly stumped.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September, 2014


My teammates and I are now Skyping into each other's classrooms!
yes, I am teaching a lesson from the resource "Notice nd Note": Signposts. These are reading techniques authors put into their fictional texts, to draw the readers' attention.
Today I was able to teach the lesson while Jim's class Skyped in. They had the same text, marking it up s I and my class spoke to them and their students. Both classes enjoyed the experience.
We will be Skyping tomorrow, part 2 of the lesson.
When we bring in our teammate tomorrow into the experience.
We want to try Google Talk....if we cn get it going quickly, meaning tomorrow morning!

There are three things I want to look into, to enrich my teaching and the students' learning:

-Doctopus   and Google Class.
My Q is:
1.)What is the difference between the two? Is one better than the other?
2.) Flubaroo: I still need help using this pp to help with scoring of online assessments through Google forms.
3.) Voice to text features: Jim and I are trying to get this started .
Can anyone help?