Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015

The groundhog saw his shadow yesterday. Doesn't surprise me. Another 6 weeks of winter.
I feel energized!
I am into my teaching, using the standards regularly, and holding small focus-groups in a daily basis for Writing, Reading, Math, Science. It is marvelous!  I got an iPad Air from my building and am using it for focused instruction. I purchased a Net gear connection so now I can use the iPad wireless. It is amazing.
As an example:
I graded my students' last assignment (from Lucy of course) and will focus on small needs-based groups this week, with particular skills they lacked in any of the specific areas . This week I am focusing on the lead/intro. , quoting the source, and stating their opinion. I will have them pull up their docs online and do a double screen with the rubric. We will look at an example and a non-example. We also use the PARCC rubric (in addition to Lucy's).
SO powerful!


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